Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine /

Demacopoulos, George E.,

Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine / Edited by George E. Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou - Oxford : Fordham University Press, 2016. - 1 online resource (303 p.). - Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought. . - Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought (FUP) .

Outrunning Constantine’s Shadow /
Moral Argument in the Human Rights Debate of the Russian Orthodox Church /

Post- Communist Orthodox Countries and Secularization : The Lautsi Case and the Fracture of Europe /
Power to the People : Orthodoxy, Consociational Democracy, and the Move beyond Phyletism /
Power, Protest, and Perichoresis : On Being Church in a Troubled World /
Strange Fruit : Augustine, Liberalism, and the Good Samaritan /
An Orthodox Encounter with Liberal Democracy /

Democracy and the Dynamics of Death : Orthodox Reflections on the Origin, Purpose, and Limits of Politics /
“I Have Overcome the World” : The Church, the Liberal State, and Christ’s Two Natures in the Russian Politics of Theosis /
Emperors and Bishops of Constantinople (324–431) /

Stepping Out of Constantine’s Shadow /

“You Cannot Have a Church Without an Empire” : Political Orthodoxy in Byzantium /
Roman Catholicism and Democracy : The Postconciliar Era /

How (Not) to Be a Political Theologian /

Aristotle Papanikolaou and George E. Demacopoulos -- Kristina Stoeckl -- Capodistrias Hämmerli -- Luke Bretherton -- Mary Doak -- Eric Gregory -- Emmanuel Clapsis -- Perry T. Hamalis -- Nathaniel Wood -- Timothy D. Barnes -- Peter Iver Kaufman -- James C. Skedros -- J. Bryan Hehir -- Stanley Hauerwas.

A collection of essays by Orthodoxy, Catholic, and Protestant scholars on Christianity's relationship to liberal democracy and the legacy of Emperor Constantine for Christian political thought.

Pristup: World Wide Web.


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Christianity and politics.
Kršćanstvo i politika.
Democracy--Religious aspects--Christianity.
Demokracija--Religijsko gledište--Kršćanstvo.
Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)



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